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Alive Tour Malaysia (121027)

These past four days have been the most amazing days of my life. Heck, these past 3 months actually. From the day I bought the ticket on 28 July 2012 by pre-ordering from BB1st, to the day BIGBANG left Malaysia, 28 October 2012 at 11.00PM. 

25 October

There was a really bad weather in Manila. So their flight got delayed by 2 hours. Us Malaysian VIPs got really worried. We were even questioning whether the flight was cancelled because by 8PM, they still no where to be seen. I was at a restaurant with my family, and I was constantly checking my iPad for updates. By the time the first picture of BIGBANG’s arrival was tweeted, I swear I could’ve screamed in public. But I kept my cool. And of course, I tweeted to them a lot. I even tweeted Bennie, the drummer; @WhosBennie i keep tweeting you lolol. Selamat datang ke Malaysia! SO excited to see you at the concert :3 And he retweeted it. That night, I couldn’t sleep because I was just too damn excited. #SELAMATDATANGBIGBANG

26 October

Some VIPs took pictures of GD swimming. Very, very hot. Knowing BIGBANG was in the same country with me was just enough.

27 October


I woke up early. I woke up as soon as my alarm clock rang. It was 7AM and I went straight to bathe. I had to be at Stadium Merdeka by 10AM to help out with the local fanclub. We gave away free Blue and Red LEDs to the VIPs for Mission Blue and Mission Red. It was so touching to see how the VIPs wanted to participate in these missions. So the fanclub committee and volunteers tried to reach out to all the 15,000 VIPs, reminding them about the missions that were going to take place. By 12PM, snippets of music started playing from inside the stadium. Every single time that happened, the VIPs would scream.


I remember getting so tired from helping out the fanclub. But the VIPs around me were friendly. I didn’t even know their names but we joked and laughed a lot. We kept looking at the sky for signs of rain. It did rain, heavily but only for a short while. While it rained, rehearsals were going on inside the stadium. I heard Wings, Strong Baby and Feeling. The VIPs who got rehearsals passes tweeted that GD, Daesung and Taeyang were wearing raincoats while rehearsing. TOP held his own umbrella. Seungri had someone hold it for him. I sat with two of my friends and we spazzed every time a song came it. They played Crayon and the VIPs outside all screamed when they realized  the song. They say to it too. Once the rain died, I went to line up at the CAT 2 gate. It was 5PM by then.


I remember they started playing a clip on the screen. But it was just a Samsung ad about their Galazy SIII. they played some MVs too, and there was this VIP behind me screaming her head off. She made me deaf before the sound system of the concert could. Then our worse nightmare came true. It stated raining again. A few drops at first. But heavily later on. The concert was supposed to start at 8PM. But due to the rain it was delayed. The rain started slowing down. And the BIGBANG band went to their places. I screamed for Bennie who kept waving at us. He took a picture of the VIPs too. Suddenly, the lights went out. And then Alive played.

And like that, Alive Tour Malaysia was over. #MYALiveTour

28 October

So I woke up missing BIGBANG so much. VIPs kept updating on the whereabouts of BIGBANG Twitter. GD was at KLCC and Taeyang at Pavillion. Daesung and Seungri were at the gym. I guess TOP was sleeping. Turns out, GD spent 40k in Versace. Their flight was at 11PM to Seoul. The Malaysian VIPs were obviously sad, but we thanked them for and amazing concert. They promised to be back anyway. They clearly missed their homes. #JUMPALAGIBIGBANG

I’ll cherish these moments forever. I still miss BIGBANG. But I’ll wait for them for them to come back.